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This website was created by Solar Home, Inc. Your premier distributor of SolarEdge high performance products.


Mitsubishi Solar Extreme Series

Better Performance Than A Micro Inverter Or A String Inverter !

Mitsubishi & SolarEdge

Now Available With A 25 Year Inverter Warranty !

 Supercharged Performance For A Faster Return On Your Investment

Solar Power Optimizers

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Incharge  Solar Carport Electric Vehicle Charging Systems

Solar Canopies

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Free Solar System Buyer's Guide

Solar Power System Buyer's Guide

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SCE's $650.00 per kilowatt cash rebate has expired and has now been reduced to $350.00 per AC kilowatt.

If you have not already submitted your rebate application to install solar panels for your home or business, then unfortunately it is too late to qualify for this higher rebate amount.

 For a very limited time We will help make up the loss between the higher rebate that is no longer available and the new much lower rebate amount by offering our exclusive SolarGreenBacks $400.00 per AC kilowatt supplemental rebate which will increase SCE's $350.00 per kilowatt rebate to
$750.00 per AC kilowatt.

 And we did it without raising our super low discount pricing.

Hurry This Is A Limited Time Offer !

  The SDG&E and PG&E rebate is already down to only 25 cents per watt.

At Solar Home we can submit your rebate application for you with only a 10% refundable down payment.


Solar Home Will Beat Any Nationally Advertised, In Stock Price On Our Same Installed Solar Panel System Or Your System Is Free.

Because of our direct relationship with manufacturers that produce the finest solar panels in the world, the length of time that we've been selling solar panels and our superior buying power, Solar Home systems are typically priced thousands of dollars less than the competition and include higher performance components. Solar Home will beat any nationally advertised price on solar for homes and businesses and give you the service, support and quality that you deserve.


Spin your meter backwards with solar power.

Solar Panels For Homes And Businesses. Solar Home Will Help You Spin Your Meter Backwards With Solar Panels For Less.



There Are Two Critical Components In Any Grid Tie Solar System That You Should Carefully Consider When Choosing A System For The Maximum Return On Your Investment.

1. The Inverter that you choose must be affordable, provide high reliability and be easily serviceable while offering a 97% or higher CEC efficiency rating and partial shade protection for maximum energy production. It should have built-in individual solar panel monitoring, arc fault protection and be able to handle the wattage of the solar panels that are connected to it to minimize power loss.

2. The Solar Panels that you choose must be affordable and provide very high performance and reliability and preferably use mono crystalline technology for maximum efficiency. More importantly the manufacturer's name should be immediately recognizable and must possess the financial muscle and the integrity to stand behind their 25 year warranty.

After 14 years of selling high quality solar systems into the U.S. solar market, in our opinion, there are only two products available that offers all of these criteria.

Those two products are SolarEdge inverter with SolarEdge power optimizers. And the Mitsubishi Electric PV-MLU255HC 255 Watt mono crystalline solar panel.

No Micro Inverter Or String Inverter System On The Planet Even Comes Close!


Consumers across the U.S. are paying thousands more than they should be, while receiving inferior, generic grade solar systems that will add years to the time that it will take to get a return on their investment.

Investment Grade Solar Power Systems

"It's all about the bottom line. If you're buying a particular solar system simply because you recognize the brand, but are not taking the time to check that brand's potential return on investment, then you're probably better off continuing to pay your current electric bill."

You'd be surprised at the high number of big name brand solar power systems for homes that have been sold, that provided smaller rebates, poorer PTC to STC ratios, inferior negative tolerance ratings, shorter warranties, lower inverter efficiencies, and thinner, less durable mounting racks.

Brands that can turn what should be a much more lucrative investment into a poorer one.

 With over 14 years of in depth experience, exclusively in solar energy, we've used our expertise to assemble some of the highest performing, most reliable solar electric systems that are available on today's market, at some of the best prices in the country.

True Investment Grade Solar Systems with real 25 year warranties that pay for themselves years before many of the competition's offerings.

We Can Save You Thousands On Big Name Brand, Higher Performance Equipment !


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We Can Save You Thousands !

The Southern California Solar Energy Expo Hosted By The Creators Of Solar Home

If you missed our last show, you missed a lot. Held at the Fairplex in Pomona, California. On hand was the California Energy Commission presenting information on the California Solar Panel Initiative, Home Power Magazine, Xantrex Technology, BP Solar, Outback Power, Southwest Wind Power, Outback Power, Dankoff Solar, Energy Outfitters, Unirac and SMA America just to name a few.

The Creators of Solar Home would like to thank all of the vendors for helping to make our last Expo a huge success. 

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Solar Power Referral Fee

We're Handing Out Money !

Earn $500.00 For Every Friend That You Refer, Who Buys One Of Our Incredibly Priced, High Performance, 2kW Or Larger, Investment Grade, Grid Tie Solar Systems !

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